Family: Wife Andrea a retired MAI real estate appraiser.                                                                             

  Two Adult Daughters both graduates of University High – Tucson

Military Service: US Army for 2 ¾ years including nine months in South Korea.  I was released three months early to go back to college.  Honorable discharge.

Education: BS in Business from the University of Arizona. 1964

               Attended: McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. 1964-65


  • I worked for R. R. Donnelley and Sons in Chicago as an accountant and a computer programmer and Foote, Cone & Belding as a computer programmer. 
  • I lived frugally and invested most of what I earned buying small apartment buildings. 
  • Later I also worked as a real estate property manager and in real estate sales.
  • I opened my own real estate management business in 1973.
  • Having grown tired of Chicago winters, my wife, two daughters and I moved to Tucson in August of 1983, and started Robson Associates.  I did the real estate management and she did appraisals for about the first five years until we closed the appraisal part of the business and she supervised the office.  A few years later as the management and real estate ownership became more profitable she retired and became active in nonprofit work.

I tried to retire in 2010.  Within a few months, I could see that it wasn’t going to work, so I recruited our daughters to join me and we were back in business, running it out of our home.  Shortly thereafter the main office was moved to Phoenix where our younger daughter lives and she became the Chief Operating Officer of the company. I have remained the CEO.  We have a branch office in Tucson.  Our older daughter who lives in Chicago oversees the property in Chicago and San Diego through the Phoenix office.  The company has approximately 20 employees managing more than $40M in real estate. 

Community Involvement

  • I have been active in my church, St Francis in the Foothills Methodist Church since 1983 and have served in many offices.
  • Old Pueblo Rotary Club since 1983. Treasurer several times and President 1997-1998.
  • Cragin Elementary School Site Council community representative since approximately 2008.
  • My passion for education dates to our Chicago days where I was active in our daughters’ co-op preschool as treasurer and President.
  • Parent helper for two hours a week every week during the school year for four years at the “shoestring run gifted program” at the A. G. Bell Elementary School in Chicago.
  • I have been active with and a supporter of Pima County Interfaith Council, Job Path (long-term job training to make a meaningful impact on the post-training wages of graduates.), Tucson Symphony Orchestra & True Concord Voices & Orchestra (formerly Tucson Chamber Artists).

My younger daughter was diagnosed as having dyslexia in the first grade but was not eligible for remediation with the reading teacher because her grades were too high.  For a year and a half, the reading teacher worked with her once a week on her lunch hour for free (it was against school policy to accept pay) and we paid for a couple of private summer school programs which brought her up to speed.  (I am thankful her teacher was able to think outside the box and came up with a way to help a student who needed help but didn’t fit into the rules to allow her to get that.)