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Focused on Student Achievement

Athletes don’t win without proper attitude, nourishment, training, equipment and discipline. Why would we expect students to be any different? We need to build/inspire the right attitude in our students. We need good teachers with the right supplies, equipment and temperament to inspire their students to learn. If remediation is needed it must be provided. Our job is to help our students become well-functioning adults.

Do you want to know where I stand on the issues facing TUSD? Give me a call: (520) 991-4949

As a TUSD School Board Member, I will:

  1. Focus on the most pressing problems facing TUSD today
  2. Think ahead and outside the box while working to improve our schools.
  3. Encourage the prudent use of resources.
  4. Compromise to get more done to improve our district.
  5. Supporting the Superintendent to improve the education for all students
  6. Follow examples of successful school districts

Packing supplies to take to a school in Pucallpa, Peru.

Ways to Contribute to the Doug Robson Campaign


I appreciate your support of my campaign. Any donation you can give will help ensure we have the resources necessary to reach out to the voters of Tucson.


  • Consider hosting an event
  • Write a letter / other media
  • Be listed as a supporter
  • Accept a yard sign


Or By Mail:
2839 N. Torino Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85712-1234